About National Sealing Co:

We market and apply a unique, clear, inorganic coating that protects a wide array of different surfaces and is one of the most durable products available today. No other coating process can claim the unique product features and benefits that our coating offers. A coating that will withstand the damaging effects of chemical abuse, abrasion, and ablation, intense heat, ultra-violet light exposures and corrosive degradation.

This coating process forms a hard, durable, chemical-resistant layer, and can be applied to various surfaces. These water-clear finishes are non-yellowing, virtually permanent film deposits that can be used on numerous materials.

Our inorganic coating product is designed to Preserve, Protect and Prolong your asset life cycle by extending the life expectancy of equipment and property, plus contribute to the ease of maintenance of these surfaces, thereby reducing cleaning and preserving the surface material. National Sealing Co. is setting the standard of excellence in the field of high-performance surface finishes.

Some examples of our markets are condominiums, hospitality industry, restaurants, commercial buildings, municipalities, educational facilities, and physical plant maintenance applications.

We are the largest paver sealing Co in the US with over 2 Million square feet protected. Recently we have developed a dyeing process to restore faded pavers. In the past the only option for badly faded pavers was to stain or paint pavers. This act of desperation resulted in an unnatural appearance, a slippery surface, and in vehicular areas, stains & paints will lift and need continual applications. Our penetrating dye is designed to allow any existing color to still show through, resulting in a natural look. This process will not lift and is not slippery. The nano particles are small enough to allow the personality of the pavers to remain multicolored. This is the only process currently on the market to restore faded pavers to almost new looking.

For non slip applications, we apply our durable 3 part coating process combined with nano beads specifically manufactured for National Sealing for the purpose of creating a non slip surface. We have traveled to Belize, Barbados, Sri Lanka as well as applications all across the US for this durable process.

Our coating material is used for metal corrosion protection, mold and mildew mitigation on numerous interior and exterior surfaces, for permanently protecting ceramic grout lines and enhancing the natural color of virtually any surface to include: decorative stone, terrazzo, brick, & granite surfaces. We also improve slip resistance on ceramic tiles or like surfaces, surface protection for UV light degradation, and include non-sacrificial anti-graffiti properties.

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