About National Sealing Co.

We have been in business since 2001 and mobilize throughout the U.S. as well as international with our unique surface protection products. We are the largest paver sealing Co in the US with well over 2 Million square feet of surfaces treated. Our flagship services include:

*  Cleaning & sealing brick pavers, sealing limestone, sealing paver stones, sealing travertine, sealing granite, sealing blue stone, sealing slate, sealing porcelain, sealing stamped concrete, sealing of various other  natural stones. For commercial accounts, in addition to common sealers, we utilize our durable 3 part coating process which is 3-5x more durable than common sealers. Our coating process can also be applied to the entire surface of ceramic tile to seal and protect ceramic tile & grout, seal porcelain tiles. Our coating process is designed to Preserve, Protect and Prolong your asset life cycle by extending the life expectancy of your property, plus contribute to the ease of maintenance of these surfaces, thereby reducing cleaning costs and preserving the surface material.

* We have developed a patented dyeing process to re-stain and rejuvenate faded pavers. “Staining” pavers has been around forever. We have developed a process to restore faded pavers, restore stamped concrete with our patented dyeing process. The outdated staining of pavers virtually amounts to painting the pavers resulting in a very unnatural/painted look, it can be slippery, and will lift with hot tires. We have developed a patented process of re-dyeing faded pavers. Our penetrating process allows for any personality, or existing colors to still show through resulting in a look that is very close to the original paver. There are many before/after shots on our site, as well as videos on YouTube demonstrating our unique dyeing process.

* Nationwide non slip applications – we specialize in non slip applications across the US and abroad. We have been to Belize, Sri Lanka and Barbados with our non slip application. This specialized process is not available anywhere in the US and must be applied by our trained technicians. No application is too small. For smaller, residential applications, we will package together multiple applications in a given area to make the program work for everyone. Our process combines our durable coating, NOT sealer, which is the first part of the equation. ‘Sealers’ are temporary and typically must be applied annually. In addition to our coating, we then add our durable nano beads which are manufactured for National Sealing specifically for non slip applications. Therefore, we have a durable coating combined with durable non slip aggregate to create a long lasting non slip profile. Non slip for porcelain tiles, anti slip for ceramic tiles, anti slip for terrazzo, anti slip for travertine, anti skid for granite, anti skid for slate, non slip for limestone, and various types of surfaces. 

National Sealing Co is setting the standard of excellence in the field of high performance surface sealing protection.

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