We had new travertine installed on our pool deck and didn’t want to seal it because of the risk of it getting slick. After a few weeks and dealing with our coconut palms flowers staining the finish, I realized we had to get it sealed.

Kenny was great explaining options and how to remove the existing stains before they sealed the stones. We discussed sealing/bead finish for my needs (salt water pool and toddler) and were on the schedule for 10 days out (another company took 3 days to call me back and said they were over a month out on doing work).

Martell was our installer that was timely and efficient. He applied the stain/beads and the final product came out great. Stones are shiny and the micro beads sparkle in the sun a little. The beads feel like fine sand embedded on the stone when you walk on them. Definitely subtle feeling on the feet and a little rougher on other body parts like hands and knees.

There was a few things I wanted addressed after the job and Kenny was great and took great care to address them. Would definitely use them again when the deck needs to be done in the distant future.