Anti Slip Coatings, Anti Skid, Paver Sealing, Natural Stone Sealing & Grout

Anti Skid Coatings, Anti Skid, Sealing Pavers has been National Sealing Co.Inc, specialty for many years. National Sealing Co.Inc, offers nation wide consultation & applications for protecting various flooring surfaces. We are the largest paver sealer in the US with well over 2 Million square feet of protected surface areas. We will discuss your current surfaces and recommend potential solutions that can not only preserve new surfaces, but prolong and protect surfaces from fading, and staining. Our durable 3 part coating process versus common sealers typically lasts between 3-5x longer than typical sealers. Sealing of brick pavers, Sealing of limestone, Sealing of travertine and various other surfaces and natural stones.

We mobilize across the US and abroad with our durable non slip applications. Anti slip for travertine, non slip for marble, non slip for ceramic tiles, non skid for terrazzo, non skid for porcelain tiles and various other surfaces.

Our product line includes: conventional sealing, and our more durable clear coating process, anti slip applications, and restoring faded pavers with our patented dyeing process to restore faded pavers and stamped concrete. In addition; stripping of sealers and paints with our stripping process.

Non Slip Applications

Sealing Surfaces & Protective Coatings

New Paver Dyeing Process


Coating Applications Available Nationwide

All Products are Applied by Trained Technicians Only

Anti Slip Coatings, Sealing Pavers, & Re-Dyeing Pavers​​​​

Our flagship coating process is a durable 3 part coating process. Our process differs from conventional sealers. Of course we offer sealing services as well, our coating is more durable and lasts longer than sealer. The difference is; all sealers are mono-component, meaning ALL sealers are basically applied by just pouring out of the container and will typically last 1-1.5 yrs. Our multi-component coating is mixed on site and must be applied within a certain time frame. We’re seeing results of 4-7 years+ with our multi-component coating depending upon the surface and conditions.

Staining Pavers / Re-Dyeing Pavers

National Sealing was selected to provide sealing protection for Miami Marlins Stadium

International Applications Available
5 Star Resort – Sri-Lanka