Commercial Anti Slip Floor Treatment for Stairs by National Sealing Co.
Many commercial accounts have Slippery Stairs typically marble, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and painted surfaces. This becomes a liability concern.  That why it is so important to use our Anti slip floor treatments. The costs associated with a proactive application of installation / application of a permanent anti slip process is much less than even the attorney fees without even considering the potential damages. Slip and fall accidents are very common and prudent steps must be taken to limit commercial liability.

This application was a very large, 5 star hotel with a bar near the beach. The bar overlooked the ocean, and was on the second floor. The stairs were painted cement, and very slippery with people coming from the pools and beach. National Sealing was contracted to apply our durable NS-700 Decking material to create a durable non slip surface.

National Sealing has specialized in Cleaning & Sealing of Pavers, Anti Skid Coatings, Anti Skid, Anti Slip, Non Slip applications, and Paver Dyeing for many years. National Sealing offers nationwide consultation & applications for both commercial and residential applications. We are the largest paver sealer in the US with well over 2 Million square feet of protected surface areas. We will discuss your current surfaces and recommend potential solutions that can not only preserve new surfaces, but prolong and protect surfaces from fading, and staining. Our durable 3 part coating process versus common sealers typically lasts between 3-5x longer than typical sealers. Sealing of brick pavers, Sealing of limestone, Sealing of travertine and various other surfaces and natural stones.

National Sealing mobilizes across the US and abroad with our durable anti slip process for travertine, non slip for porcelain tiles, slippery ceramic tiles and various other surfaces. Our process combines our durable NS-200 coating process with our nano beads to give a long lasting profile on smooth surfaces.

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