Case study: Commercial Kitchen

Problem: Mildewed Tiles, mildewed grout in active commercial kitchen

Solution: application of our permanent coating process


This was a County kitchen facility that always created a lot of steam. The steam, dampness caused the ceramic tile grout on the walls to breed mold and mildew. In addition, the ceramic tiles on the walls were difficult to keep clean from the grease. Conventional cleaning (bleach) was only temporary and began to be costly. They wanted a ‘sealer’ that might help with both situations.

First let’s establish that a conventional ‘sealer’ would NOT be the answer. Any sealer would not only have a difficult time with adhesion, that adhesion would be worn down by abrasion by the cleaning brushes, and cleaning chemicals. We might also mention here, when using a ‘sealer’ to protect the grout, this is literally a waste of time and money. Sealing grout does nothing to keep grout clean. The sealer penetrates the very porous grout, leaving the surface exposed. The grout must be ‘coated’ vs ‘sealed’.

The solution for numerous reasons was our coating process. First this is a permanent coating versus temporary sealers. Secondly, our coating process is very durable and offers an inorganic solution. The coating process will not support the growth of mold & mildew. Third, by virtue of the coating curing on the surface of the tiles and grout, the grout was ‘coated’ to not allow moisture to form. Periodic cleaning would amount to wiping of the tiles versus scrubbing.


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