Travertine flooring can become VERY slippery and should also be protected from fading & staining - National Sealing Company
A family in Northern California had just installed travertine floor and wanted to have the surface protected. Travertine flooring can become VERY slippery and should also be protected from fading & staining. The resident was very wise in recognizing that if a surface sealer was used, the smooth flooring surface would obviously be very slippery. They contracted National Sealing to provide our durable non-slip coating application.

Our non-slip surface coating product is a durable, multi-component process that includes a hardener. This is a more durable process than what a sealer might offer. Our process is applied by our trained professionals and is not sold in retail stores.

We’ve witnessed sealer processes that combine sealer with shaved plastic or ‘shark-type’ particles. This process is good – however a very temporary solution. The tops of the embedded plastic wears, and you’re left with just the sealer on the surface. This method compounds the issue and will make the surface even more slippery.

  • National Sealing Co. techs first apply a ‘tack’ layer with our coating,
  • Then spread the durable nano beads specifically manufactured for National Sealing for this non-slip flooring application.
  • Once these nano beads are spread, the techs will ‘sandwich’ this non-slip layer with a top coat of our durable three-part coating product. This results in a soft bumpy feel. Although slip tests on the coating alone surpass the national slip coefficient requirements, with the addition of our anti-slip media, the resulting slip coefficient far exceeds the ability of current measuring devices.

Currently, we know of no other non-slip process that will match the durability and longevity of the surface coating process combined with our anti-slip floor application.

National Sealing mobilizes our durable Non-Slip, Anti Slip, Anti-Skid Coatings throughout the US as well as international. We are the only company in the US that specializes in non-slip flooring applications.

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