mis-matched pavers

mis-matched pavers

This large condo had certain vehicular pavers that were cracked, and needed to be replaced. However, they were unable to find the original (darker) pavers that were initially installed. This was the main entrance and was unsightly.

We proposed our paver staining or dyeing process (see photo comparison). This is not a ‘painted’ solution, which would not be durable, would be removed with hot tires, would be an ongoing maintenance issue, and would no give a natural appearance. It’s actually not a ‘staining’ process either, we just have to list ‘staining pavers’ so the search engines can find us.

We are the largest paver sealer in Florida, and perhaps one of the largest in the country. We developed a paver dyeing process, by matching the original dyes used to create the pavers. We are able to color pavers and restore pavers very close to the original pavers.

This process will actually penetrate the paver, not lift, and has a sealing component to actually protect the pavers. We are unaware of any other company in the U.S. that has perfected a formula such as this process for tired or faded pavers.


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