A commercial building installed ceramic tile on the exterior of the building. This was a medical building with a high proportion of elderly visitors. The tile was very slippery. National Sealing was contracted to apply our durable anti slip application. Rather than replacing the tile, we were brought in to apply our durable anti slip application.

Commercial Anti Slip Application on Ceramic Tile by National Sealing Co

There are two important factors to consider with an anti slip application. The first part to consider is the product (sealer or coating) being used. Sealers by definition are temporary and typically will last 1-1.5 years before re-application. In addition, we are not aware of a ‘sealer’ that will adhere to ceramic tile for an extended period of time, especially in a commercial setting.

Commercial Anti Slip Application on Ceramic Tile by National Sealing Co

The second factor to consider is the anti slip media that is used to create the non slip profile. A novice approach would be to add an aggregate of shaved plastic or even sand, those properties wear down very fast. Once worn down, you’re left with the sealed surface, which is typically more slippery than when you started.

We utilize a multi component durable coating. In scenarios that include grout, this coating process serves a dual role; preserving the surface of the tile, non slip, and also preserves the grout.

For the media, we have manufactured for National Sealing Co. small nano beads to take the place of the plastic media. We have found our nano beads to be much more durable. The particles become embedded leaving the surface easier to clean, and the finish is of a higher quality.

Our anti slip produces a very durable, long lasting and very effective approach to slippery surfaces.

National Sealing Co has crews that can mobilize throughout the country for non slip applications.

National Sealing mobilizes across the US and abroad with our durable anti slip process for travertine, non slip for porcelain tiles, slippery ceramic tiles and various other surfaces. Our process combines our durable NS-200 coating process with our nano beads to give a long lasting profile on smooth surfaces.

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