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This residential application in New York had paver that had faded badly, as well as having a unique pattern. National Sealing customized this application with accents and re-dyed / restored the pavers to almost new looking.

National Sealing mobilizes across the US with our patented dyeing process. To restore faded pavers, ‘staining’ pavers has been around forever. National Sealing is the largest paver sealing Co in the US and has developed our dyeing process to restore faded pavers. By ‘staining’, what you are essentially doing is painting the pavers – not a good look, and does not last, especially in vehicular scenarios. That is what makes our ‘dyeing’ process unique. Our process not only lasts longer, but preserves any existing color, which results in a paver which is completely restored. You can see on our website, examples of newly installed pavers right next to previously faded pavers, which have been re-dyed. The entire area resembles a new paver installation.

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Our product line includes: conventional sealing, anti slip applications, staining, coloring, dyeing and our patented ‘coating’ process. In addition; epoxy applications, cement overlays, mildew control, anti graffiti and grinding services.