Case study: light colored porcelain tiles in guestroom entrance and bathroom

Problem: keeping tiles clean

Solution: coating tiles

This hotel had the right idea with installing tiles with a rough surface to prevent slipping in the bathroom area. However, the tiles were also extended to the hallway / entrance, and even the walls of the shower.

There were many problems combined. These tiles were a light gray color, the entrance and shower pan were darkened with high use, and the walls of the shower showed of white soap residue.

If a conventional sealer was applied, there was a risk any topical sealer could make the flooring surface slippery. The only area that was considered for a sealer would be the sides of the shower. Sealer would be sufficient in the short run, keeping in mind any sealer has to be re-applied. However, when the cleaners being used as well as abrasion of the rags to clean the soap scum was factored in, it was best just to use ‘coating’ for the entire area.

Coating was applied to the hallway, the bathroom floor, as well as the tiled sides of the shower. An additional benefit of the coating was the grout protection offered. The coating by itself is less slippery than the original surface (increasing the slip coefficient). Our non slip aggregate process was applied to the floor of the shower.

The end result was an entire area that was virtually maintenance free requiring only the minimal amount of floor cleaning with a damp mop and rag for shower walls.

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