Case study: Slippery tiles in restrooms at a City Park

Problem: Slippery tiles + dirty grout

Solution: application of our non slip coating process with anti slip media

This was a city park restroom facility that was adjacent to a water park. The tile floors were slippery and failed the county inspection. In addition to the obvious liability risk, the owners knew the public restroom facility would not have staff to periodically inspect the restrooms, as well as limited cleaning procedures. They wanted a ‘sealer’ that might help with both situations.

First let’s establish that a conventional ‘sealer’ would NOT be the answer. Any sealer would not only have a difficult time with adhesion, that adhesion would be worn down by abrasion, not to mention the negative effects of cleaning chemicals. We might also mention here, when using a ‘sealer’ to protect the grout, this is literally a waste of time and money. Sealing grout does nothing to keep grout clean. The sealer penetrates the very porous grout, leaving the surface exposed.

Every so called non slip that can be applied by end users as just a ‘buy and apply’ process is VERY limited and short lived. We have evaluated most of the magic chemicals on the market and have added none to our list of products we use in the field as we are highly skeptical.

The solution for numerous reasons was our coating process combined with our anti slip media. First this is a permanent coating versus temporary sealers. Secondly, our anti slip media application is a three part process: the first coat holds the ‘sand’ or anti slip media, then the media is broadcast, then a top coat to lock in the anti slip aggregate. So this is actually two coats of a very durable and long lasting ‘coating’ versus a temporary sealer. Third, by virtue of the coating curing on the surface, the grout is also protected.

The final result was a floor that is non slip as well as maintenance free.

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