This scenario was a large condo that had installed gray granite pavers. Gray pavers are the most difficult to protect. If the granite is not sealed soon after installation, being a very porous but dense surface, the oils absorb, but are very difficult to remove. The result is black dots against a gray background. The stains really stand out. Keeping the very light gray tones is not very practical in a vehicular setting. Ultimately the gray becomes darker with tire marks, as well as spotted oil stains. The choice comes down to having the lighter gray stones, with a lot of black dots, and constant cleaning, or darken the stone all together for a more unified look.

If this surface was to be ‘sealed’ with a penetrating sealer, this would keep the appearance relatively similar to the original gray surface, however, this would do very little to protect the surface. Another approach would have been to utilize any other type of conventional ‘surface sealer’, however, sealers by definition do not last long – typically 1-1.5ys. This is a very busy valet area, and not easily closed each year to clean & re-apply a sealer. National Sealing was chosen to provide our durable COATING process which is typically 3-4x more durable than common sealers.


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