A large condo had installed a very high end stone as a vehicular entrance to the luxurious property and needed to not only protect the surface from staining, but provide a non slip surface as well. National Sealing specializes in solutions for protecting stones, as well as non slip applications.

Our solution was our durable NS-200 coating process. Although we also apply sealers to various surfaces, in this case, our durable coating was needed to provide longer lasting protection, as well as the component which was applied to host our durable non slip nano beads on the surface of the stone.

We apply a surface protection ‘coating’ process that creates a clear, hard barrier for flooring surfaces. Permanently protect & coat stone, paver stone, brick pavers, porcelain, tiles and grout lines, as well as creation of an anti slip surface. This process is only applied by our trained applicators and is not sold.

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