This residential application had pavers that had faded badly over the years.

In this case, it was too late for any type of clear sealer to try to revive the pavers. The options would be to stain the pavers from products available at the big box stores OR utilize National Sealing’s revolutionary dyeing process.  Although the stain would penetrate to some extent, the customer thought the end result would give a ‘painted’ look and would resemble more of a uniformed, stamped concrete look that isn’t much better that just keeping the faded pavers in place.

This was a good lesson in sealing or protecting any and all pavers. The sun will fade the pigment used in pavers in approximately 4 years. Sealing pavers, or, as offered by National Sealing Co, coating the pavers for more durability and longevity is absolutely necessary to protect from fading as well as staining.

A unique option offered by National Sealing Co. is utilizing the latest in technology or nano-technology. We have developed a formula for re-coloring or restoring faded pavers. These thin particles allow any color to still show through resulting in a naturally restore paver versus a stained / painted look.

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