How to Seal Tile GroutNational Sealing Co has developed a durable coating process to protect tile & grout. Let’s first make one thing clear – sealing grout is a waste of time and money. By comparison, we utilize a COATING process. Here’s the difference; when someone wants the grout ‘sealed,’ the goal is to preserve the grout – to keep it new looking. If the grout is ‘sealed,’ the grout absorbs the sealer, which does not protect the top of the grout. It is technically sealed, but will still get dirty – the surface is exposed.

Our durable coating process cures on the surface, therefore protecting the grout from stains, odors and maintains the new look.

This example is a type of stone that requires a very large grout line. In addition, the grout is WHITE to match the stone. The goal was to keep the grout clean. We might add this is in a kitchen which will get much dirtier at twice the pace due to kitchen greases. Our coating is the most durable approach there is  to preserve grout.

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