National Sealing specializes in non slip applications across the US and abroadA customer had experimented with common sealer + a non slip product purchased from a big box store. They soon learned why National Sealing specializes in non slip applications across the US and abroad. If it were as easy as buying a product from the internet, or do-it-yourself, there would not be a need for our services. National Sealing was established in 2001, and have had hundreds of applications in the US, as well as international applications for our specialty coating process.

Durable non slip applications require two components. First, what is the vehicle used to adhere to the surface. If a sealer is used, sealers are temporary and have to be reapplied annually. We apply our durable, three part coating for long lasting results.

The second part of the equation is; what is used as the anti slip media. Most will use a shark-type product readily available or even play sand. These products work, however, they are VERY brittle and soft, and do not last long. We have nano beads specifically manufactured for National Sealing.

A word of caution when attempting to apply any type of sealer for this purpose, by definition, sealers are temporary. By layering sealers, this will result in each layer being less stable. Eventually the area will flake, peel and will need to be stripped. A very costly and sometimes messy proposition.


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