National Sealing Co. has a unique approach to slippery surfaces such as ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, stone or any smooth surface. We mobilize across the US and abroad for this anti slip application.

The first part of the anti slip equation is our coating process. This is a very durable coating that is applied to the surface. In scenarios that include grout, this coating process serves a dual role; preserving the surface of the tile while also preserving the grout. This coating process forms a clear, hard barrier to make the surface easy to maintain as well as preserving the integrity of the tile.

Once the coating has been applied to the surface, we add our non slip nano beads manufactured for National Sealing. In the past we used grip additives that were made of plastics, some novice applicators attempt using play sand. Our process is far superior to novice applications.

Our anti slip produces a very durable, long lasting and very effective approach to slippery surfaces.

National Sealing Co has crews that can mobilize throughout the US and abroad for non slip applications.

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