PROBLEM: Preserving Light Colored Pavers

CASE STUDY: Condo with Light colored vehicular pavers

SOLUTION: Coating vs. Sealing


This scenario was a large condominium. During the building phase, it was determined they would install a light colored paver. We were shocked and campaigned heavily that this was a horrendous idea and would be a long term challenge to keep clean.

The glaring issue was simple; keeping the white surface clean. The surface had to be either sealed or coated. Many people don’t realize sealers only do so much to protect from oil drippings. If the oil, transmission fluid is not washed away within 24-48 hrs, the oils begin to attack the sealer and will penetrate. In addition, sealers are temporary and must be re-applied every 12-18 months. This was the vehicular entrance to a very large, busy commercial property.

Our recommendation was to apply our ‘coating’ process versus ‘sealing’. We have the luxury of offering two separate solutions without bias. Therefore we can always recommend the right solution.

The reason for applying coating versus sealer was simple. The coating process typically lasts 3-4 times longer, and is more durable than sealer. Of course, the coating costs more initially, but the condo would not have the annual disruption nor the more frequent cleaning costs.


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