Removing sealer from brick pavers, stripping paint from cement by National Sealing Co.

A hotel had paint that was failing and wanted to remove paint from cement. Re-painting was not an option, as each subsequent layer of paint was less stable.  The paint had to be stripped to look new again. The only options that could guarantee results were to sandblast or utilize our method using concentrated water pressure. Sandblasting would have been too noisy for the guests, and way too much mess. Our process is virtually self contained, quick, and no mess. National Sealing was contracted to remove the paint.

National Sealing has the ability to strip existing sealer, or paint from cement, brick pavers, using highly concentrated water pressure. This stripping equipment can attain up to 40K PSI to remove existing paints, sealers from various surfaces.

Cleaning & sealing brick pavers, sealing limestone, sealing paver stones, sealing travertine, sealing granite, sealing blue stone, sealing slate, sealing porcelain, sealing stamped concrete, sealing of various other  natural stones. For commercial accounts, in addition to common sealers, we utilize our durable 3 part coating process which is 3-5x more durable than common sealers. Our coating process can also be applied to the entire surface of ceramic tile to seal and protect ceramic tile & grout, seal porcelain tiles. Our coating process is designed to Preserve, Protect and Prolong your asset life cycle by extending the life expectancy of your property, plus contribute to the ease of maintenance of these surfaces, thereby reducing cleaning costs and preserving the surface material

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