This scenario was a residential account that had a spa for years on their pavers. Not only did the exposed pavers fade, but with removal of the spa, the protected area stood out. The pavers had to be RE-DYED to restore entire area to new looking.

In this case, it was too late for any type of sealing to try to revive the pavers. The clear mismatch would just be more pronounced. Staining the pavers would have resulted in an unnatural look of being painted, basically ruining the pavers. In addition, painting the surface would not only create a smoother surface and slip hazard, but would be a challenge to maintain as the paint would begin to wear with time. Staining (painting pavers) doesn’t really work. If you’ve ever seen a cement sidewalk painted – it’s the same thing!

A unique option developed by National Sealing Co. re-dyes faded pavers. National Sealing is the largest paver sealing Co in the US. We mobilize across the US with our unique dyeing process, coating of pavers, as well as non slip applications.

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