Sealing Ceramic Tile & Grout Lines by National Sealing Co Sealing Ceramic Tile & Grout Lines by National Sealing Co

There is a lot of misinformation regarding the concept of sealing grout lines. When someone says they want to seal tile grout, what they are saying in effect is; we want to keep the grout looking new. Light colored grout is chosen to match porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles and the goal is to have the grout remain light colored. Most grout will look dirty in less than 60 days.

Sealing grout does not work. Tile grout has to be coated. The difference is; when a sealer is applied, the sealer penetrates the grout. The surface is still exposed, therefore the grout gets dirty. True, it is sealed, and will prevent liquids from penetrating, but typically, that is not the concern. Sealing grout is a waste of time and money. In addition, the sealer must be re applied annually and cleaning the grout becomes a challenge.

Tile installers don’t like to seal grout. Most installation companies don’t even offer grout sealing. They specialize in tile installation, and will tell you not to seal the grout, when we all know it will be dirty in 60 days. They don’t want the hassle nor be responsible when the grout get’s dirty. The tile installers KNOW it doesn’t work.

We are sealing specialists. From sealing pavers, sealing stone, sealing limestone, staining pavers or coloring pavers, sealing cement, sealing porcelain tile grout, sealing ceramic tile grout.

We have developed a process of sealing grout that is actually coating tile and grout. The entire surface gets treated. This not only protects the surface of the grout, the tile is also treated and becomes virtually maintenance free. In addition, conventional sealers have to be re applied annually. We’ve had our coating applied in high traffic areas and the tile coating has continued to perform for over 8 years.

When sealing grout in a shower, common area restrooms, lobbies, hotel guest rooms the tiles can become slippery. In addition to our coating process, we offer a non slip for tiles. The coating process reduces slip. In addition, for added slip resistance, a non slip aggregate can be applied.

The coating process is an applied process and is not sold.

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