Sealing GraniteAn account with granite wanted to seal the entire bathroom with a durable sealer. That goal is not possible. However, with our coating process it is possible. Sealers typically must be re-applied annually.

Our solution was our ‘coating’ process. National Sealing has developed a specialty niche surface coating process for long term protection of tile & stone. This is as close to being permanent as any product we are aware of that will adhere to a smooth surface i.e. granite, tile, marble. We’ve applied this process for over 9 years and still have no had to re-apply.

We apply a surface protection ‘coating’ process that creates a clear, hard barrier for flooring surfaces. Permanently protect & coat grout lines, tiles, stone, as well as creation of an anti slip process. This process is only applied by our trained applicators and is not sold.

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