Typically in large commercial kitchens, quarry tile is the flooring surface of choice. With the installation of quarry tile, large grout lines are also present. This becomes unsightly very fast. We have developed a more durable solution for sealing tile grout.

When grout is sealed, the sealer will penetrate the grout, therefore leaving the surface exposed. Our coating process is applied to the entire area to preserve the tile, and more maintenance friendly as well as protecting the grout. Application of our coating process, and anti slip process will reduce the slip (or increase the coefficient) versus the original surface.

Our anti slip aggregate, the chances of slip are greatly reduced. Common products to reduce slip are temporary with questionable results. Our coating process is durable and long lasting. Others try to create a non slip surface by adding small particles of plastic, or even sand. Those products are very soft, brittle and temporary. We manufacture nano glass beads to our permanent coating process for a tough and lost lasting solution for non slip and protecting tile & grout.

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