National Sealing was recently selected as the premier provider of sealing pavers and cement surfaces protection for the new Miami Marlins Ballpark. This was a very large construction site with thousands of vendors. National Sealing was chosen for our ability to manage the preparation process to clean all of the external pavers and cement surfaces. In addition, our exceptional track record of providing excellent surface protection options as well as responsible application procedures.

National Sealing separates from the competition by offering various solutions for surface protection such as anti slip coatings. In addition we have specialty products manufactured for specific surface solutions. For pavers, in addition to common commercial sealers, we offer a two part product that includes a ‘hardening’ compound for more durable and long lasting protection compared to typical paver sealer.

This Ballpark Project required immense coordination as there was a full scale rush to complete this project on time. Because of this condensed timeframe with flawless execution, National Sealing continues to be the premier provider of surface protection in the US.

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