All brick pavers must be sealed. Pavers need to be protected for two reasons: Fading and Staining. The staining of course can be cleaned to a degree, but are only new once. The Fading however is fatal, and the clock cannot be turned back. Pool decks are exposed to pool chemicals, body oils, lotions and sunscreens.

Sealing Pavers for Commercial Pool Deck Pavers by National Sealing Co.

Most properties only have access to sealing of pavers. We utilize a proprietary process of coating pavers. The difference is simple; sealers only last 1-1.5 yrs, while the coating is more durable and last longer. We’re averaging 3-5 years with our NS-200 coating process. Sealers form a mechanical bond with the surface. That bond is broken down by UV rays, as well as abrasion. The coating process is more durable as it is a 3 part formula and must be mixed on site. This process is the most durable process in the US for protection of exposed surfaces. Our crews can apply our process all over the U.S. and abroad with our applications.

Sealing Pavers for Commercial Pool Deck Pavers by National Sealing Co.

Coating pavers versus sealing our unique, clear, coating process is 3-5x more durable than common sealers. This can be used to protect limestone, sealing of granite, sealing of travertine, sealing of blue stone, sealing protection for stamped concrete. Our coating process can also be applied to the entire surface to seal ceramic tile & grout, seal porcelain tiles. Our coating process is designed to Preserve, Protect and Prolong your asset life cycle by extending the life expectancy of your property, plus contribute to the ease of maintenance of these surfaces, thereby reducing cleaning costs and preserving the surface material.

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