This application was the faded pool deck for a residential community. The pavers had not  been sealed, in many years. The color had completely been eliminated and the pavers resembled bare cement.

National Sealing Co is the largest paver sealer in the country with over 2M square feet of pavers protected. We recognized a need to develop a coloring process for properties that had not protected the pavers for various reasons. Fading of pavers is a fatal conclusion to the lack of continued sealing of pavers. Currently, many of those properties now are faced with a dilemma of how to restore the pavers without having to replace them.

We have developed a penetrating dyeing process or coloring process to faded pavers. We match the original dyes used to color the pavers and can apply our process while keeping the personality of the various medley of colors intact. Our process restores life back to tired, faded pavers and is a very economical solution versus the alternative of starting over.

The result is an attractive, restored paver without the risk of hot tires lifting the finished product.

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