Travertine Pavers: Sealing and Non Slip Coatings

What is the Best Sealer for Travertine Pool Decks?

We field this question almost every day. Here’s what surprising; logic would tell you to ask the company that installed the travertine pavers right? If we didn’t specialize in sealing, we’d think the same thing. We can say with a degree of confidence, most paver companies know little about sealing. They specialize in installations. Of course, they can reluctantly apply some type of sealer, but there are various choices depending upon the setting. We specialize in sealing protection. To be safe, most often a penetrating sealer will by applied by the installer. Of course the stone is technically ‘sealed’ – to prevent wine stains for example, however, application of a penetrating sealer does nothing to protect the surface from Fading, Staining and Non Slip.

We are very satisfied with National Sealing Company! We finally have peace of mind knowing our pool area is safe. We did the an anti slip application and it turned out great. Don’t make the mistake of going through any other company. We paid another company to seal our patio and do an anti slip coating and it was a nightmare, making our deck more slippery than it was before. This company does quality work and specializes in anti slip applications. Our applicator Mark was great. I spoke with Kenny initially and he coordinated the appointment and educated me about their product. I can’t thank you enough!!! 😀

Christi Vignona

Source: Yelp

National Sealing specializes in sealing travertine pavers on pool decks and adding non-slip coatings. We mobilize across the US for both commercial and residential applications. No job is too small! We’ve had this business model for over 15 years. For smaller, usually residential accounts, we package together a few applications in each area, and then send a crew to apply our coating application to seal travertine pavers.

National Sealing Co is the largest travertine paver sealing company in the US and specializes in durable sealing protection for both commercial and residential accounts. In addition to sealing travertine pavers, we also utilize our durable coating process which is 3 – 5x more durable than common sealers.

Non Slip, Anti Slip Application Travertine Pool Deck

Non Slip, Anti Slip Application Travertine Pool Deck

Typically with Travertine Pavers, surface protection is paramount to protect against staining, but not obvious to most, is the protection needed from fading. Having topical protection to protect the surface can prevent fading, staining from trees, staining from the grease from gas grills, pool chemicals, body oils etc… But here’s the dilemma; having topical protection applied to a smooth surface, on a pool deck, creates a slippery surface! So this is a catch 22. You certainly want topical protection, however, can’t afford for the surface to be slippery. National Sealing specializes in non slip applications on Travertine Pavers across the US and abroad.

Having topical protection on a Travertine surface requires a non slip application. There are two parts to a non slip equation; first, what type of product is applied, and secondly, how do you create a non slip surface. We’ll warn you now, using some magic liquid from the web that can just be applied to create an anti slip surface seems too good to be true. It’s the old adage, “you get what you pay for”. Basically if you think it through – it can’t work. You’re applying a liquid that will dry on the surface, and somehow it will make this smooth surface NOT slippery? We wouldn’t be mobilizing across the US for 15+ years if it were that simple.

No other anti-slip product worked on my marble pool deck, some were good but when it got wet it was even more slippery, talked to Kenny and got Mark to come out, great service and great product, now I can have the kids running around the pool worry free that they are going to slip and fall. Highly recommend

Dariel Cruz

Source: Yelp

Getting back to what type of product is applied is the first part of the equation. Of course a simple topical sealer can be applied, and a local contractor might apply play sand, or some shark type product to create the non slip profile. Again, here’s the problem with that theory; ALL sealers are temporary by definition. In addition, the aggregate that is used is wayyyy to soft & brittle and does not last. So the surface wears out a little, and in a year you call the contractor back out to apply more sealer. Not a good plan – of course you have to pay to have the surface cleaned again and you can’t start layering sealers as each subsequent layer becomes less and less stable. The sealer can begin to flake & peel. This is creating an expensive nightmare, as you run the potential of the entire surface having to be stripped down the road. Very expensive, and messy future. So what is the solution?

National Sealing first applies our durable COATING versus a common sealer. Generally speaking common sealers have to be applied annually. Our durable 3 part coating is 3 – 5x more durable than common sealers. Our process is applied and not sold. Once the coating has been applied, we then apply our nano non slip beads that are manufactured solely for this purpose, to create a durable, topical, non slip application. Our NS-200 coating will not only bring out the natural beauty of the stone, protect the surface against fading & staining, but provide a durable non skid application to your travertine pool deck.

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