What is the best sealer to use to seal my pavers?National Sealing is the largest paver sealing Co in the US with well over 2 Million square feet of paver sealing completed. National Sealing mobilizes throughout the US and abroad with our paver sealing and paver coating applications, paver dyeing process and non slip application. In addition to common paver sealer, we utilize our durable three (3) part coating process. Our durable coating process is 3-5x more durable than common sealers. No other company can claim the unique product features and benefits that National Sealing’s coating product offers. A coating that will withstand the damaging effects of chemical abuse, abrasion, and ablation, intense heat, ultra-violet light exposures and corrosive degradation. Common sealers are applied to a surface, but routine cleaning as well as the sun break down common sealers. Our durable coating process has hardeners that form a durable barrier for protection from oils and staining, and a protection barrier that is chemically different from sealers, and therefore will last longer.

This is an example of a brand new City Hall. Of course they were familiar with the limited protection capabilities of common sealer. National Sealing was contracted to apply our durable coating process for the long lasting benefits compared to sealer.

Three part coating process versus mono – component sealer for durable adhesion to challenging surfaces
Common sealers needing constant re-application. Coating process much more durable

There exists no other company in the US that has access to, or applies our coatings other than National Sealing’s trained applicators.

National Sealing Company specializes in commercial properties, and can also apply our durable products to residential. National Sealing has demonstrated great success with condominiums, hotels, stadiums, office buildings, and municipalities, in protecting various surfaces with our sealing products, coating products and non slip applications.

What is the best sealer to use to seal my pavers?

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