A new condo installed granite in the spa and needed to not only seal the surface, but create a anti slip for the surface. National Sealing was contracted to treat this stone.

In a spa, the stone will be exposed to lotions, oils, body oils, and other chemicals. The stone must have a topical product applied to prevent discoloration of the stone from the oils. When topical protection is applied to a smooth stone, especially where water will be present, an anti slip application is highly recommended. The surface can become very slippery.

National Sealing specializes in anti slip applications all across the US as well as international non slip applications. Our trained applicators apply our coating process, combined with specially manufactured nano beads for a durable and long lasting solution for anti slip / anti skid occurrences. We have performed our process all over the US, including Barbados, and Belize, and Sri Lanka.

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