Sealing Limestone

Limestone is one of the most difficult stones to protect. The stone is of course light in color white/light tan and depending upon the goal, there are options in which to protect. We specialize in sealing limestone, and have various options.
The first option, would be to seal with a penetrating sealer or impregnator. The good news is the stone is technically sealed, and will protect from spill of wine for awhile. The bad news is all sealers are temporary, and secondly the surface is still exposed. Therefore, this can create huge challenges down the road, primarily how to clean limestone as most are not familiar with this stone. We specialize in the protection of the stone.
The second option would be a topical sealer. The good news is the surface is now protected, the bad news is as earlier stated, sealers are temporary and the surface would have to be prepared/cleaned quite often – annually in most cases.

The third and recommended option is our durable 3 part coating. Our coating process 1) protects the surface from spills, stains, grease and 2) Our coating process is 3-5x more durable than common sealers, keeping the surface new looking.

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