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National Sealing is the largest paver sealing company in the US. We mobilize throughout the US sealing all types of Natural Stone including travertine pavers, floors and pool decks. We offer various solutions for travertine sealing for both commercial and residential applications. For smaller residential applications, we typically will combine a few applications in a given area to make it work for all parties. We’ve been doing applications across the US for over 18 years, no job is too small. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 954-577-8837. See many photos and videos listed below.

There are many options when sealing travertine pavers. We are happy to perform all of them, so we are not biased, although you will see there tends to be a more logical approach – probably 90% of the applications utilize our third option.

National Sealing traveled to our house in Oklahoma and applied their non-slick application to our travertine around our pool. Mark was awesome and Kenny was wonderful to work with and we are really happy with our choice. There is no comparison to other DIY products on the market!

Max Myers

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1. Penetrating Travertine Sealer

The most basic form of sealing travertine pavers is with a Penetrating Sealer or Impregnating Sealer. Although the travertine is technically sealed, the surface of the stone is still exposed. The surface will still be susceptible to staining, and more importantly fading. Where you really start to see the effects of fading when there is a protected / shaded area i.e. patio. In as little as 3 years there will be a very distinct line between the shaded area and the larger exposed area of travertine. We often hear of pool building companies offering the Penetrating Sealer/Impregnating Sealer approach. Really, they are scared to death of making the travertine slippery with a topical sealer. If they don’t specialize in non slip, why create another problem.

2. Sealing Travertine Pavers with a Topical Sealer

Topical sealing of travertine is the second option. A topical sealer builds a barrier between the sun and the stone to help limit staining and fading. That’s the good news. The bad news is; now that the surface of the travertine is ‘leveled off’ with sealer, it becomes very slippery. So, what can we do about slippery travertine? We specialize in non slip travertine applications across the US and abroad. We have performed non slip applications in Belize, Sri Lanka, Barbados, Guyana.

If you are novice with Sealing Travertine, some would attempt to use common Play Sand or a ‘Shark’ type product to create a non slip surface. We field a dozen calls per day from people that have tried this method. We started out 20 years ago with this as well, so we speak from experience. Since we do so many commercial applications, we found out pretty quickly that the particles in Play Sand or the Shark products work on a very limited basis, but not for long. The particles are very soft, very brittle, very light and do not last. Then you are faced with layering sealers. That is a whole other chapter as you increase the risk of the sealer flaking and peeling. Sealers are not made to layer. So when you find out the play sand has not worked, or has become so embedded in the sealer that you have actually made the surface MORE slippery, this project can get very complicated. We can certainly perform the topical sealer + non slip additive equation, but there is a better solution.

3. NS-200 Non-Slip Travertine Paver Coating Process

The third option for sealing travertine pavers and providing a non slip surface is our durable coating process. With this process, we’re killing 3-4 birds with one stone. First, the surface is sealed (versus the penetrating approach). If the surface is sealed, you are protecting the travertine stone from continued (fatal) fading as well as staining. Our durable coating differs from a sealer and lasts 3 – 5x longer than common sealers. Most will tell you that a travertine sealer has to be re-applied every 1.5 – 2yrs. We’re seeing 5+ years with our durable coating process. Therefore, the second benefit to our NS-200 coating is unmatched durability for Sealing Travertine.

Now, this is a two part process, so some clients just want their travertine protected with durable coating and left alone for a ‘smooth look’. For others, Non Slip Travertine is critical. The second part of the equation would be; How do you Create a Non Slip Surface For Travertine. As opposed to a temporary approach using DIY play sand and shark products. National Sealing has durable Nano Non Slip Beads manufactured for us specifically for use in durable non slip applications on travertine stone.

With our NS-200 coating process, you have very durable surface protection combined with a very durable non slip applicationThat is the best protection available for your travertine pavers.

Kenny was very responsive and provided great detail on how to make travertine non-slip. The installer Mark arrived earlier and was nothing but professional and completed the job in over a couple hours. Great service and professionalism all the way around. You can’t go wrong with this company.

Mark King

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I am very pleased with the quick response by Kenny to my inquiry and more impressed with his ability to juggle work load to get my job on the schedule. Mark expertly installed the coating on my travertine pool deck in a race before rain. Thank you!

Colleen Fritz

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We recently had our travertine pool deck coated with the anti slip coating as well as our brick paver driveway sealed. We were amazed at how well they both looked. We were a little skeptical at first of the anti slip for the pool deck, but it is as good as Kenny promised and has the constant wet look which we desired. National Sealing team was truly professional and will be recommending them to everyone.

Steve Burn

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I had an excellent experience with Kenny and Mark. They are very professional and took care of my slippery Travertine tile. I had a pool party and 3 people actually slipped and hurt themselves. After this application the tile is no longer slippery. Thanks guys

David Izquierdo

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