National Sealing has crews that can mobilize throughout the country for anti slip solutions. With large commercial properties, protection from the risk of slip and the litigation that derives from slip and fall accidents is paramount.

Many do it yourself applications are very temporary and the effectiveness is truly debatable. We have developed a very durable and long lasting approach to anti slip flooring.

This application of our non slip application was in a spa that included a steam room, showers. Another concern was keeping the tiles and grout clean due to moisture (mildew) and oils used in the spa. This non slip application actually addresses all the above concerns.

The application of our coating process preserves the tiles & grout as it creates a clear, hard, clear barrier. This barrier not only makes the tiles virtually maintenance free, but protects the grout as well. Our coating is an inorganic formula. By definition, it will not support the growth of mildew.

With the application of our anti slip media, we create a ‘new’ surface that is more slip resistant, preserves the ‘look’ of the entire area, and is more easily maintained.

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